The dark, moist hole where there are more spores than air and a constant ambiance of echoed croaking.

The author of the site:

A Spring Peeper on tree bark

Cool right? This site is still in progress cause idk how to use computers :3!!
I like having fun and I like old web stuff and i wanted to try and make something of my own tee hee


My Name is Anura-Gwyndolin Aranea Cinder Harley Pseudacris Crucifer!
Just call me Gwyn or Gwyndolin or Anura.

My species is Pseudacris Crucifer or, commonly named, the Spring Peeper!!! also a bit of Homo sapiens sapiens but that's probably to be expected from most people.

My biggest hobby is tabletop role-playing games like Pathfinder, Vampire: The Masquerade, Lancer, Hard-Wired Island, Troika, and Cyberpunk 2020. I have a section of the website dedicated to my homebrewed Pathfinder setting, check it out.

I'm also here



wet_hands - Discord